Graduation Videos! 

We all know about senior portraits... but what about senior videos? At such a pivotal moment in your life as your graduation, nothing captures your life story, values, experiences, and future plans like a cinematic video. By sharing a graduation video with friends and family, you invite into your life: your unique personality, memories, and big dreams. Experience the wonder, and book your graduation video today.

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-- Who We Are --

Howdy! We are Daeus and Kina Lamb, a brother and sister videography production team. We were both home educated and now enjoy working together to capture stories: weddings, graduations, you name it. Daeus' background is in creative writing, and Kina's is in photography! Combined together, we complement each other well and create results that neither of us could achieve on our own. 

Jennifer Fashian - Mom

"WOW, this is fantastic! SO so good. Exceeded our expectations. The lighting, music, format - everything - was really good."